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Front Garden Design

Front Garden Design

When people talk about sorting their garden out, you often think they are talking about their back garden. But, why not the front garden as it has so much to offer.

The great thing about a front garden is that you walk through it nearly every day of the year. Seasonal changes are close at hand to be amongst and enjoy. As front gardens tend to be smaller than back gardens, they can be easier to maintain, as the odd weed can be pulled out and a flower can be picked. Maintenance can be reduced further by removing the more traditional postage stamp sized lawn. Instead, an area can be planted with attractive shrubs, that need attention only a few times a year rather than a weekly cut.

A big difference that a front garden has to a back garden is the atmosphere. In the back, the space is often private and secluded. Whereas the front garden has access to the street and the community. When spending time in a front garden, its surprising to see how many neighbours are out and about, which gives the garden a social aspect. Having an attractive front garden is a relatively affordable way to improve a home, with the addition of improving a street, especially if a tree is planted.