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Garden Inspiration

Garden Inspiration

Many people want to have a great garden, but don’t know where to start to get insiration. Its great to have a few ideas for your garden then try to implement them. A nice way to start this off is to go and have a look at other people’s gardens, maybe friends, relatives or even gardens that are open to the public. By seeing other gardens you can see what kind of things work, such as different planting combinations or how hard lanscaping works in a garden. Some materials and plants may suit one garden, but not your own. An excellent way to get your garden full of plants is to see the plants that your friends or relatives have and take cuttings or even divide herbaceous perennials.

My favorite way of getting inspiration is to visit gardens that are open to the public. They can be a fun and interesting day out, which help you to pick up ideas on the way. I recently went to Kew Gardens, where there is plenty to see, from different period garden structures, planting combinations, trees to suit any garden, water plants and loads more.

There are many public gardens in each region of the country, making it quite easy to go and see one. A good thing about viewing a local garden is that you can see what works well in your area, as the garden will have similar soil type and local climate.