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Aggregates and Paving from Bowland Stone

Aggregates and Paving from Bowland Stone

Pathway created using Fossil Paving from Bowland Stone.

We’ve been a customer of local concrete manufacturer, Bowland Stone for many years. The team under the St. Phillips flyover in Bristol are really helpful and always give a valuable service.

The Bowland Stone brand was born in the early 1990’s when three independent concrete manufacturers saw the need to create a paving range that could have a national identity. The company is now family owned, with the other two Bowland sites based in Hull and Macclesfield. Of course the production is high energy, but it’s great to know that the paving and other concrete products that they produce are locally made, with less of a carbon footprint heading to your garden!

We love using this smart paving from Bowland Stone.

We buy aggregates, gravel, concrete fence posts and basics like cement from Bowland. The variety of aggregates that they sell make great bases for paving. We also like using their range of pebbles, which come in different sizes and colours.

A Hoggin driveway created with a base layer of aggregates from Bowland Stone.

If you’re laying your own patio have a look at the great range of patio packs that they offer. They are convenient, easy to lay and look really stylish. http://www.bowlandstone.com/patio-packs/

A curved path combination of slate with pebbles – created with aggregates from Bowland Stone.