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Apple trees

Apple trees

At Secret Garden, we are always looking for new ways to enjoy gardening and to maximise the fun and pleasure in a garden. A great way to do this, whether you are starting a new garden or just re-vamping an old one is to plant an apple tree. Apple trees have so much to offer. They come in various sizes and can be trained into different shapes, allowing them to be planted in nearly any garden. They are attractive to look at, with beautiful flowers in the spring and tasty fruit in the autumn.

We are currently undertaking an apple tree project at the moment. The garden we are working in has quite a few tired and old shrubs. Over a period of time they have encroached into the space of the garden. The plan is to clear these shrubs and plant apple trees. A variety of trees will be planted, including dessert, cookers and cider apples. The result will be an area of the garden that is quite low in maintenance and mainly a garden that can produce a delicious crop. Most of all the apples grown will be used for making cider. This is a fun and rewarding activity that can be done with friends and family. It is easy and affordable to get hold of the equipment and the produce is free! Why not get together with a couple of neighbours and plant some apple trees, creating a little orchard within a street. After all Bristol is the cider capital of the South West with a great climate for growing trees. Alternatively, the juice from freshly pressed apples is a delicious soft drink. This can be made by even using just cooking apples.

An added benefit of an apple tree is the amount of wildlife it attracts. Its great to see bees and other beneficial insects collecting pollen and nectar from the flowers in the spring time. Not many sights are nicer than the contrast of the pinky-white flowers against the back drop of a clear blue sky. In the Autumn you can often see a black bird or a family of woodlice feasting on a fallen apple.

Now is the perfect time to plant apple trees. The plant is in it’s dormant stage, so it will be happiest at being put into the ground between November and February, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. A space will need to be found and cleared so the roots of the tree wont have any weeds to compete with. Next, dig a hole, one third wider than the tree’s root system. Then, pop the tree in the hole, securing it with a stake and buckle. Lastly, give it plenty of water.

If you need any help planting an apple tree, or if you need any other gardening or landscaping jobs, then please contact us.