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April Gardening Jobs

April Gardening Jobs

April Gardening Jobs

Now that the growing season is well and truly underway here are some jobs to do in the garden during April:

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The rain and warmer temperatures are helping ‘weeds’ to start popping up. Now is a great time to dig them out whilst they are young and manageable, before they become unruly and start taking over the garden.

If you haven’t done so already, start mowing and edging grass, using a high setting on the mower for the first few cuts to ensure a great finish.

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Start to harden off young plants in a sheltered location, keeping an eye on the weather – as one day it’s 15 degrees and the next it’s 6…

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Clear the garden of any winter debris where slugs and snails could be lurking. Don’t forget to check nooks and crannies.

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Sow seeds with children and set them up painting terracotta pots in bright colours. A family favourite and a must do for the Easter holidays!

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If you have a small patch of ground within your garden that you’re not sure what to do with, you could make a mini low maintenance wildflower meadow. Broadcast sow some wildflower meadow mixed seeds over raked soil – an easy and cost effective way of creating a real wow factor.

We would really recommend installing a water butt in your garden. This week has been very changeable with lots of rain. April showers are the perfect time for collecting rain water to use in your garden during the hot, dry summers that Britain have been experiencing in recent years.

You can often pick them up for free from neighbours or at your local allotment; a good way to recycle and reuse. Water butts are a real money saver and saving water is best for the environment.