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Beautiful Trees in Garden Design

Beautiful Trees in Garden Design

For this Bristol garden we created a design that would be in keeping with the surrounding architecture, as well as bringing structure, form and function for the family that want to relax in it.

After taking out an old stone raised bed that went around the perimeter of the garden, we took up the turf and prepared the ground. As we were building in steps we had to change the soil to a higher level. We paved the patio area and steps in Porcelain paving, which is super durable and will give a good contrast to the brickwork of the building. I’m looking forward to seeing it once it’s been cleaned up at the end of the job!

We used a mini digger to landscape the area, as well as a lot of hard graft. Once the level of the terraced garden was right we had trees delivered from Chew Valley Trees. They are specialist tree growers based in Chew Magna. Visiting their nursery is such a treat. Their website is so easy to use and has a finder function for finding the perfect tree/hedging for the aspect of your garden. They are a fantastic local business growing native, hardy and specimen trees, who have been running for over 30 years.

A string line was set up, then bamboo canes were stuck in the ground where we had measured the trees to be placed. These Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ have a stylish conical shape, and are a medium sized tree that produces white blossom followed by small brown fruit. They require a full sun aspect and are generally pest free.

After the pear trees were planted we then got to work shifting two mature Magnolia trees into position. We placed them either side of the top of the steps. They look great against the backdrop of the wonderful Magnolia in the next-door garden.


The final steps for the trees were banging in stakes and tying them on, plus giving them a good drink of water. Come back later in the week to see this garden completed!