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Block Paving Pathway

Block Paving Pathway

This past week the team have been working on the back garden of a Georgian property in the heart of Clifton, Bristol.

The property is being developed, with the customer requiring a pathway from the side gate to the garage and driveway, planted borders, and a concrete base for a bin store.

We started by cutting out where the path would be situated, digging down to get the level of the borders right and laying a concrete bin store base.


Block paving is made from concrete, clay and a range of composite materials. The edges of the block paving path were laid on top of mortar to hold it in place. Then a chipping to dust base was laid and compacted down.

An old drain cover and bricks were removed, it was interesting looking down about 10ft to the Victorian sewer below. We levelled the top of it inline with the new pathway and added a new drain cover.

Next, sharp sand was laid with the block paving hammered into place on top. Once the pathway is finished it will be compacted down with a wacker plate. Kiln dried sand will then be swept over the path to fill in the gaps.


We like to help our customers by working alongside what is already in place in a garden. The pathway that we created included a step to join it to the base of the garage, giving better access. The interlocking of block paving provides enhanced strength and offers a fade resistant surface. There are no costly repairs for block paving as individual blocks can easily be replaced. It looks smart and you can choose block paving in a variety of colours and shapes.

Come back next week to see completed photos of this block paving design.