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Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Building an Outdoor Kitchen

This week I thought we’d look back on the outdoor kitchen that the team built before Christmas. The family who live here wanted an outdoor area created in their garden, where they can entertain family and friends and to kick back and relax in.

During these strange days of lock downs, limited travel and adventure, being able to chill in your own garden haven is a real luxury.

Whilst the timber kitchen structure was being created the ground was prepared to lay a paved area that would sweep up into the outdoor kitchen. We also took the top off this tree and made some space in the border too. This will be worked on at a later stage as other work will take place on this garden shortly.

When the borders are properly cut out and the rest of the garden is landscaped it will look lovely.

Electricity cables were laid running along the garden from the house to the outdoor kitchen. Kelly from KC Electrical always does a brilliant job!

Towards the end of the project the weather got very wet, which made it super muddy work, but we got there! Once the paving went down the kitchen was then fitted by a local company. It looked great combined with the screen on the back of the structure and the beautiful porcelain paving.

Once the grass grows around the outdoor kitchen it will be finished to perfection, just like the burgers hopefully! Come back and check us out next time to see what we’re up to…