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Celebrate Tree Charter Day

Celebrate Tree Charter Day

Celebrate Tree Charter Day

Tree of the Year – ‘Nellie’s Tree,’ Aberford, Leeds – photo copyright Adrienne Sykes

The first national Tree Charter Day is this Saturday 24th November. It is a time to come together within our communities and celebrate the importance of trees.

The Tree Charter launched in 2017 with 11 wooden poles carved by artist Simon Clements, which were sent to locations across Britain. The Oak trees used for these poles came from the Crown Estate.

Simon Clements

To read about the 10 principles of Tree Charter and see a list ofย  pole locations:

Archie Miles with his book, ‘Ash’ – photo copyright Archie Miles

There is a monthly Woodland Trust book recommendation to coincide with Tree Charter Day: ‘The Ash Book’ by renowned tree writer and photographer, Archie Miles, who works for the Woodland Trust and Kent Downs AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.) Within the next 20 years there is the chance that we will lose the Ash tree from the British landscape, due to Ash die back.

To order Archie’s book:ย

Copyright Jill Jennings

If you’d like to get planting trees in your area, you can apply for a free urban tree pack from the Woodland Trust, containing 15 native species. You could plant them during a community event or share them with your neighbours.

Click this link to get your free trees:,1BYX7,8ZNA2B,4C5NU,1

Whatever your plans this weekend, make it tree based. Perhaps you could draw a tree or talk about trees, look at seeds and leaves with children, but most importantly hug a tree!