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Circular Decked Pergola

Circular Decked Pergola

After Nad and I initially started work on this garden last week, Jerry and Joey have now begun the hard landscaping. We’ve had a fair bit of rain this week, with grey, cooler days.

I stopped by to take some photos on Friday afternoon and enjoyed seeing their progress. The rockery has been dismantled to make way for a new porcelain patio. A sweeping pathway has been cut through the lawn, where stepping stones will be added, before a new lawn is turfed at a later stage.

A trench has been dug where a retaining wall and drainage will be added, and a curved edge has been cut where edging will be laid around the lawn.

The structure that I enjoyed seeing the most was the new pergola being constructed. A circular, timber framed deck has been built and will have composite decking laid on top. Jerry has used the customer’s existing pergola frame, which is a good way to reduce, reuse, recycle and will keep the costs down for the customer.

I’ll be working on another site the other side of town next week, so I’ll look forward to updating you with their progress soon!