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Container Garden Summer Progress

Container Garden Summer Progress

The heavy rain these past few days has certainly been good for the garden. Just the other day I was wandering around my garden chatting to my mum on the phone. She lives in Cornwall and I am in Bristol. We were discussing that our nasturtiums had not done well this year, and hadn’t flowered at all. We pondered that it was probably due to the hot summer that we’re having. Then lo and behold, after the rain my nasturtiums have now shot off and the first bright flowers are emerging.

Wandering around my garden it’s lovely to see the plants developing and changing. The Calendula have been flowering since the spring and really brighten up the space. They die back each year and are one of the first flowers to pop up.

The white Sage is doing the best it’s ever done and I’m so pleased with it. It could do with being in a larger pot, but I guess I’ll get round to that in the autumn perhaps. Behind the white Sage the first of the Chinese Lanterns are coming up. I was given some roots of these by a lovely lady who runs the Willsbridge Mill community gardens in the nature reserve during the spring when I was creating the pathways in the fairy woodland. I am thrilled to see these, and can’t wait to see their distinctive orange fruit cases in the autumn. Again, I’ll hope to pot these into a larger container a some point as they would like to spread.

The Rose Geranium I kept indoors as a house plant for the last couple of years. The scent is divine, and people, especially the older generation always comment on it, stating memories of their childhoods with their mother’s using the leaves to decorate puddings. I just love that about plants. It used to do well in our old house, but since moving to our new one it wasn’t looking very happy. I cut it right back and put it outside. Since then it’s put on lots of new growth. It’s interesting to see the leaf difference due to temperature – when it was inside the leaves were very rounded, but now that it’s outside it’s much more crinkly.

I’m so pleased with how my succulents have done this year. They really appreciate being in this south facing garden and are looking stunning bursting over the sides of their pots.

My friend gave me some Ammi majus seedlings just before the lockdown. I am thrilled so see their airy flowers. They would of course do much better being planted in a border, but something is better than nothing and I just adore them. The Nigella has gone to seed in the background. Their seedpods are a favourite of mine and I love putting bunches of them in vases after they’ve flowered.

The last of the Clematis flowers are much smaller but none the less beautiful. They’ve really been the show stopper of our garden this spring/summer.

My Hydrangea Lanarth White is just coming into bloom. I’ve been worrying about it and am hoping that it will flower as beautifully as it did last year. Fingers crossed!

The Lavender is tumbling out from behind the Japanese Anemone, and has been great for the bumble bees.

The Verbena Bonariensis has looked striking this summer so far, however the rain has battered some of the stems down a bit. But it still looks great swaying in the breeze out of our kitchen window.

I’m loving the recent flowering of the Alchemilla mollis in our shady side garden, it really brightens up the space.

The Camomile is doing well in its little pot, it has such an interesting scent. There’s always so much to do in the garden and this plant could do with being in a larger pot too. The mint is doing well and we enjoy picking its leaves to use in cocktails when we’re relaxing after a day at work. Now that the rain has passed I’ll hope to get out in the garden later today to tidy things up a bit and move pots around. I enjoy doing this every few weeks as different plants flower and change.