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Coronavirus UK Lockdown – Secretgarden.co.uk – Landscape Gardeners Bristol
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Coronavirus UK Lockdown

Coronavirus UK Lockdown

This past week we followed government guidelines and carried on working, adhering to social distancing and hygiene advice. We took each day as it came, aware that each day might be the last, as we looked on the coronavirus sweeping around our country and the world.

It’s been perfect weather for landscaping, 15 degrees and dry each day. The timber screen that we built along the top of the garden wall looks beautiful with sunlight shining through it. A timber screen is a relatively inexpensive way of creating privacy, and looks modern and stylish.

We laid membrane down around the perimeter of the garden and covered it with gravel. This will suppress the weeds around the Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’.

We thoroughly checked the level of the gravelled area against the main part of the garden. This will ensure that the lawn is level with the trees.

The rotavator has been on the go a number of times throughout this garden design process. It’s great for breaking up any large clumps of soil. The area had already been heavily prepped with this tiller, so this was the final time going through, picking out any final stones and twigs.

We managed to receive the turf delivery from our supplier Craig West Turf Landscape Supplies just before they closed. We completed the turf job in one day with a lot of hard graft.

We were continually nervous whilst working the past few days of this week, as the government had stipulated that the construction industry could carry on working through this crisis for the time being.

We felt quite on edge but wanted to get the garden to a point where our customer wouldn’t be looking out on mud for months should we be closed for a long period of time. As we are all locked down in our houses it’s good for this family to have a usable garden that they can relax in.


We decided yesterday that it would be our last, as we didn’t feel comfortable being outside and felt a moral obligation to others, our families and ourselves. With a downsized two person team we tidied up the garden, finished laying gravel along the patio edge, moved out all the tools and materials, and finally cleaned down the porcelain paving.

We’ve still got a fair bit left to do on this garden when we return to work, and we don’t know when this will be. But for the time being lets enjoy our gardens, window boxes or pot plants, spending time with our families, and looking out for those who are vulnerable.