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Creating a Block Paving Driveway

Creating a Block Paving Driveway

For the past few months the team have been working on a large back garden in Sneyd Park, Bristol. Whilst this work was going on the driveway was also prepared. It started off with taking out a tree and some of the larger shrubs, along with taking out a section of the front garden wall.

Jess worked the mini digger moving and levelling rubble and soil. A lot of preparatory work was done to create a perfect driveway.

A sub base was compacted with a whacker and then the block paving edging stones were laid on a concrete base. Once these were level the rest of the blocks would work off that height.

A layer of holm sand is added before the blocks are laid on top. They are laid and fitted together before kiln dried sand is brushed over the top as the finishing touch.

Et voila! You have a beautiful finished driveway that is durable and smart. This double ended, semi-circular driveway offers more easy access than before for the family who live here, and once the garden border is planted up it will look fantastic.

Have a look on the Our Work section of our website to see the complete finished photos of this driveway.