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Creating a New Garden

Creating a New Garden

Creating a New Garden

Creating a new garden is fun. Here are some things to consider when designing a garden space:

Use different types of hedging – The russet colour of Beech in the winter makes a good contrast to the deep green of Yew. Use deciduous plants mixed with evergreen for interest across the seasons. You could even grow a hedge out of Ivy on a frame or fence – Ivy offers a great wildlife haven and often gets bad press, though is great if looked after.

Placing seats and benches – You won’t always want to sit in the sunshine when in the garden, so think carefully when siting seating areas. Most of the time when in the garden during the summer you may prefer to be sitting in the shade.

Plan for the surface of a pond to be mainly water – covering a pond with plants can look lovely but they do need to be kept in check to maintain a happy environment within the water. It’s a good idea to divide and reduce plants annually. Try to use native marginal and water plants where possible in wildlife ponds.

If you want a bridge across a pond – Design and site both at the same time if possible. Adding a bridge at a later date can sometimes be problematic. Part of the garden may need to be removed or trodden over to get materials in place.

Quiet spots – In a country garden overflowing with plants, or in a small urban garden you still need quiet spots to sit and ponder. Think about deliberately creating a section of the garden with a laissez-faire attitude – somewhere that you can sit and just look up at the sky.

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