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Every Garden Needs a Bug Hotel

Every Garden Needs a Bug Hotel

Every Garden Needs a Bug Hotel

Photo Copyright Hortas Biologicas

Wildlife is so important, not only for our gardens but for the world as a whole. Without pollinators, ‘pests’ and a myriad of interesting insects, bacteria and microscopic creatures our world would no longer function.

If you have unwanted ‘pests,’ the best way to deal with them is by ensuring that beneficial insects are encouraged into your garden. Try to be as natural as possible. Don’t reach for chemicals that create an imbalance in nature, they should really be a very last resort, if at all. A number of insects and weed species are known to have become resistant to pesticides.


Along with an array of plants as attractants, creating a bug hotel for your creepy crawlies is not only great fun for all the family, but also gives insects a home throughout the year, and where they can over-winter in the pupal stage.

Common Green Lacewing. Photo Copyright Friends of The Earth

The Common Green Lacewing is one of 18 species of Lacewing that live in Britain. The larval stage of this insect is a voracious predator, who prey on a variety of soft-bodied insects such as thrips, mealy bugs, mites, immature whiteflies and small caterpillars. You can attract them into your garden by planting Dill, Angelica and Coriander.

Native Sevon Spot Ladybird. Photo Copyright David Chapman

Ladybirds prey on aphids and scale insects, you can attract them with Dill and Dandelion.

The Braconid Wasp is a parasitic wasp and uses caterpillars and aphids as their host. You can entice them into your garden with Lemon balm, Parsley and Yarrow.

You may well have a lot of stuff lying around your garden or home that you can recycle to create your bug hotel, so it can be a very cheap project. Logs, twigs, hollow stems, pine cones, bits of old terracotta pots, bundles of fluff and string, bark and old bricks with crevices and holes are all great for your bug hotel construction.

To see a list of other beneficial insects and how to attract them, click this link:Β