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From Decking to Patio Part 1

From Decking to Patio Part 1

For this recent garden project we’ve enjoyed having the whole team on board, ripping out old, slippery decking and preparing the area for new paving and a sleeper framed raised bed.

The shrubs and soil are removed from the border, excepting the Pyracantha that is growing up the fence. This will stay as part of the new raised bed. The soil will be used to lay new turf in the garden, when the lawn is extended down to the new patio.

New drains are lined and built into the patio structure surrounding the house.


Type 1 Sub base is brought in to create a base for the patio.

The new pine sleeper raised bed frame is constructed.

It’s good to finish the week starting to lay the sandstone paving. What a productive – and dry – week its been, perfect for landscaping!