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Garden Design Diary Part 1 – Secretgarden.co.uk – Landscape Gardeners Bristol
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Garden Design Diary Part 1

Garden Design Diary Part 1

Our client wanted their old garden steps to be re-paved and an old pergola removed. The team got to work ripping out the old paving slabs and timber framed pergola.

Antique Yellow Limestone paving delivery arrives from Miety Stone and lots of lifting slabs through to the back garden.

Included in the delivery are edging stones to use as a lawn-mowing cutting edge around borders that we will define and shape.


We use No Nonsense Grass Marking Spray Paint from Screwfix to start working out where the borders will be. This is a semi-permanent paint so we can discuss with the client and alter it as we develop the garden.

Existing borders will be defined, weeded and planted up.


A new semi-circle border will be added to offer balance against the other side of the garden.

The trench surrounding the new border is filled with stone dust to create a base for the mortar and limestone edging.

The limestone cobbles are laid in sweeping curves around the garden’s borders.

Now that there is a cutting edge surrounding the grass, it will make mowing much easier for our customer. The eye now has a line to follow around the garden which really gives definition to the lawn and surrounding borders.

Whilst the lawn edging was taking place, we were also preparing the steps and patio for the new antique yellow limestone paving.

Next week we will finish off the paving and get busy tidying and planting up the borders with low maintenance shrubs, perennial plants and a variety of bulbs. I love seeing the transformation of a design, and the happy faces of our customers as they come home each day to see their garden changing and developing.