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Garden Design Diary Part 2

Garden Design Diary Part 2

It’s great to see what a difference a week makes. Now that the hard landscaping is finished, it’s time for planting and the finishing touches. Whilst I was laying out the plants that we had chosen in the borders, Joey was cleaning down the brick work that surrounds the new paving.

We are going to plant a row of intermingled Pittosporum (Tom Thumb and Abbotsbury Gold) along the edge of the patio. They will grow up and slightly spill over the edge, whilst at the same time giving colour and structure against the fence behind, and a leafy feel for people relaxing on the patio.

The ornamental Pear (Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’) that we’ve planted in the new border has a conical form and will grow upwards and won’t create too much shade in the garden. It has scented white flowers in the spring with green leaves turning red in the autumn.

Underneath it we have laid out Hebe Sutherlandii, white Campanulas, Cranesbill Geraniums and low growing blue and white Aquilegias. We will make sure that there is a good amount of space surrounding the tree so that it doesn’t have too much competition for the elements.

In the existing border which we redefined, we divided a large Cranesbill Geranium and planted it in other parts of the garden. Now that there is more space in this bed we can plant it up with plants that like partial shade.

I love laying out the plants and seeing the garden coming together. It’s great to project your vision into the future to think how it will look through the seasons. In the autumn a variety of Alliums, and woodland bulbs will be planted throughout the garden.

Once we had planted up all the plants, we then added woodland mulch from our supplier Fountain Timber

It’s so important to mulch plants, not only does it suppress weeds it also retains moisture in the soil, which is very necessary on the long hot summers that we’ve been experiencing the past few years. In the winter the mulch helps to protect the soil and plant roots. It’s a win win situation!

The new patio and garden look lovely after being washed down and tidied. It’s been great working on this project together.

We are really pleased with the finished result. Have a look on the Our Work section of our website to see more images of the completed garden…