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Garden Design Transformation

Garden Design Transformation

This time last week we were surrounded by a whole load of rotten old decking which we were working through to begin this garden transformation.

(Same garden this time last week…)

The quote was to remove the decking and replace with a lawn, raised bed and low maintenance gravelled area near the back door. The pergola and fence were to remain the same.

After smashing out the last remaining bits of old concrete, bricks and wood we could finally being to prepare the ground and bring in the turf.

Rolls of turf ready to go, from our Avonmouth supplier, Craig West Turf Landscape Supplies https://www.cwtls.co.uk/ 

We were lucky to have fairly good November weather whilst preparing the ground and laying the turf. It’s really good seeing the garden change and begin to take shape.

Once the gravel was in place we pegged down a piece of wood to work as a divider between the gravel and lawn areas.

The sleeper raised bed that we built works really well next to a mature climber, that we dug out of it’s tired container. It looks much happier now that it’s planted in the ground. It’s been enjoyable working on this project, even though we were in a black hole without internet or phone reception. Always look for the silver lining!