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Garden Maintenance on an Overgrown Bristol Garden

Garden Maintenance on an Overgrown Bristol Garden

Yesterday we started work on a garden near Blaise Castle in Bristol. The owner recently bought it and hasn’t yet moved in. The garden is large and was obviously previously well loved with a cute little greenhouse, curving borders and lots of shrubs.

The lawn had gone a bit mad, so first off we got to work strimming and mowing and pulling out lots of dead wood from the back of the right hand border. Whilst Jess was doing this she uncovered a grass snake, which was exciting! He didn’t seem too pleased to see us. We left him some of the twigs and worked on another part of the garden. So great to see a native snake.

Once the lawn was done we edged it which defined the borders so that we could see what the basic structure of the garden was looking like. We’ve got a lot of work to do in all the borders, so it’s going to be a good project working on  this garden.

After the lawn we started shaping the shrubs and hedging with the hedge cutter, as a lot of weeds and other plants were growing up through them. We also later found a frog. Ponds are so beneficial in gardens and attract a variety of wildlife.

The front garden needs some TLC too. The owner is keen to garden with us next time to learn what she needs to do with her garden going forward. We really enjoy working with our customer’s if they wish to.

Check in with us later in May to see how this garden is progressing. We’ll be getting stuck into the borders and seeing what plants we can uncover. Plus, once the customer tops up the pond, which is very low due to the dry period we’ve just experienced, we’ll enjoy working on the pond too. So exciting to be in a new garden full of potential!