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Garden re-vamp

Garden re-vamp

Secret Garden were given the opportunity to add some new features to update an existing garden. The clients already had attractive plants in the borders of their garden and wanted an area to be built where they could sit outside with their family and also to socialise with their friends.

Once we surveyed the garden and consulted with the clients about their needs and wants for the space, we presented them with a design. The idea was to replace an existing fence, lay a patio, build a pergola and to include some additional plants.

The garden needed a new fence, as the one that was there already was rotting and wobbly. The fence bordered a lane, so for security the clients wanted a structure that was strong and gave additional privacy. It was constructed using chunky 4 inch timber posts, with rails joining them. The rails then had feather edge boards attached, resulting in a fence that looked good and blended into the garden.

After the fence was built we started to prepare the patio area. This was in a part of the garden that had been left for a while and had accumulated garden waste and was over grown with weeds. This was all cleared away and a base was put down for the paving. The slabs that were used were a dark grey sandstone that consisted of various sizes, giving a pleasing non-uniform appearance. Amongst the slabs, we also incorporated little areas of cobbles which added extra texture and variety. Surrounding the patio a brick edge was laid, which added another interesting material and also acted as a boundary between the patio and a flower bed.

One of the main requirements of the client was for their patio seating area to have a bit of seclusion and shade. So, we decided to build a timber pergola on the edge of the patio, this would also give support to some existing climbing plants. The style of the pergola was curved and followed the shape of the patio. The posts of the pergola were set in the flower bed, which allowed the existing climbing roses and wisteria to train up them. On top of the pergola, timbers were secured and they over hung the patio. This created an interesting fan shape and would provide shade on hot summer days.

The flower bed underneath the pergola only had a couple of climbing plants and had plenty of room to add some new and interesting plants. As the bed was in quite a sunny spot, it gave us the chance to plant some vibrant and bright flowers. We also included some grasses and ornamental plants to give the area some structure and interest throughout the year.

Overall, the new additions to the garden were a success. The different areas that were added blended into the existing garden and gave the clients new spaces to enjoy. Subsequently, the clients asked for more projects to be added, including a water feature and some planting.