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Garden Transformation

Garden Transformation

Our clients had a back garden that consisted of a large lawn, a concrete path and a dilapidated shed. It had been mostly used by the client’s children whilst they were growing up, but now they had left home and gone to university. The brief for the design was to create an outdoor space that was attractive, relaxing and could be used for entertaining friends; which virtually gave us a blank canvass to work with.

The garden’s dimensions were 7m x 21m. With this in mind, we decided to divide the garden into 3 spaces or rooms, which would be pleasing to the eye and give a changing ambience to each room.
The first space created was a timber deck built along the rear of the house. The deck was made for a number of reasons. The garden dropped from the back of the house onto old concrete, which was ugly and unused. Also, it provided a seating area and a storage space.

From the deck area the main section of the garden started. A new lawn was laid, with sandstone stepping stones running through it on one side. On the other side of the path a bed was made by adding some compost and then planting it with hebaceaous plants. The bed was in a sunny spot, so we decided to put in plants that had flowers that hot colours such as reds, oranges and yellows.

The stepping stone path led to a timber arch that had flowering climbers and roses on it. Through the arch, led to the next section of the garden. This area had on one side planted with a mixture of decorative shrubs and on the other, we constructed a mound seat that was covered in turf. We got the soil from the third area of the garden, where we had dug a pond. The mound seat also had meadow flowers planted amongst it, creating a soft and relaxing area to sit on.
Stepping through the mound area led to the last section of the garden. It had a nature pond crossing the whole width of the garden and it had shelves dug into it to allow a variety of different water plants, such as marginals and water lilies. The pond had a timber bridge going across it which led to a patio. The bridge was flat and the top of it was just above the water level of the pond, giving the impression of walking on water. The patio had an existing pear tree next to it, that branched over it and over the pond.

Overall, the garden was totally transformed. It provided different seating areas, so that the varied atmospheres of the garden could be enjoyed. The planting was quite mixed, so that the different plants would be interesting throughout the year. Importantly the clients really loved their new garden. It gave them a new thing to enjoy together and produced a retreat after a days work.