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Getting ready for the coming year

Getting ready for the coming year

At the moment, whilst must things in the garden are dormant, I’m getting a plan together for the coming year at the allotment. Having an allotment is fun, but it does need a bit of forward thinking to make it easier. Before I start sowing seeds in the spring, there are a few things I need to get ready.

In the Christmas break I will have a bit of time off. The jobs I want to get done in this time are preparing the compost bins, sorting out the raised beds and generally making sure everything is ready to go in the spring.

I already have 3 raised beds, but the soil in these beds needs improving. Recently, I managed to get hold of a couple of tons of top soil. I’m going to take out the soil in the raised beds and replace it with the top soil and some manure.

Building the compost bins should be fun. Having a supply of compost on the allotment will be really useful to improve the beds and to have it available for potting plants. I share my allotment plot with my mum and dad. On there plot they have some chickens, which produce plenty of waste that can be composted.

I cant wait to get started. All I need now is some good weather and a few extra hands to help get things going.