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Green Roof Garden Design

Green Roof Garden Design

Before the Christmas holidays the Secret Garden team worked on a residential garden in Bishopston. We built a timber structured green roof with interior ladder and slate paving underneath. Our customer was keen that it should be fun and engaging for her children. Alongside the green roof we built a flat pack bespoke log cabin shed from our supplier Fountain Timber

Stepping stones are laid after initially building the green roof structure and bespoke shed.

Composite decking with sleeper raised bed is built, this will look fantastic when it’s planted up.

The shed’s fascia is finished off.

Once lined the green roof is filled with topsoil prior to planting.

We are loving the ladder and hatch for easy access to the roof for garden maintenance.

It was a cold winter’s day planting up the sedum’s for the green roof. The sun was shining for the first couple hours making it a very enjoyable project. Sedum’s are low maintenance, drought and pollution tolerant plants. They are ideal for a green roof and form a carpet of colourful vegetation.

We laid a turf lawn, and planted up the raised beds and small borders.

The composite decking looks smart against the raised bed.

The shed looks great next to the timber framed green roof, which is the perfect wood store.