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Herb Gardens

Herb Gardens

In recent years many people have become interested in growing vegetables this has lead to long waiting lists for allotments. At Secret Garden we have helped our clients get started in their own garden, making things like raised beds, wooden frames for vines and creating mixed planting that includes edible plants. We have even gone as far as Italy to re- vitalise a large olive grove.

Growing plants that you can eat is very satisfying. It is something that the kids can get involved with too. The one trouble is it can be a lot of work and it’s difficult to find the time. A great way of making a start is to create a herb garden. Many herbs are very low maintenance like thyme, lavender and rosemary. They can be planted in a sunny a border alongside your existing plants, in paths or patios, as hedge on top of a wall or in planters or window boxes. Recently we planted thyme in the top of organ pipes outside a restaurant kitchen.

Another thing to consider is using the front garden. I am not alone in the fact that my front garden gets a lot more sun than the back. I feel that herbs are a brilliant solution in a sunny front garden as they are aromatic releasing their smell as you brush past and easy to keep tidy. You could really go to town and have a formal lay out using box or lavender as a low dividing hedge or a narrow brick path for easy access. This is the traditional way of growing herbs separating each section stopping plants like Tarragon and Mint spreading and dominating the other plants. In these sections a mixture of annual and perennial plants can easily be organised to suit you. Annuals like Parsley, Basil and coriander to mention a few are great fun because you can propagate them from seed and get quick results.  This type of lay out can easily include the odd vegetable like cut and come again lettuce, tomatoes artichoke, or soft fruit. If you are really adventurous [and patient] you could even have asparagus.

Of course if your back garden is sunny then locate it there and have it as close to the kitchen as you can. I love just popping out to the garden to get some fresh herbs, even something as simple as getting a leaf of fresh mint for a cup of tea or for some Mojitos on a summer evening has something really satisfying about it.

For any advice or if you want to get started with a garden project please get in touch. Have a look on our web site we have recently added a lot of photos. In the meantime enjoy your garden as the spring gets out into the garden again.