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Hillside Garden Progress

Hillside Garden Progress

The week started off well on site, with decking being constructed at the top of the garden and generally landscaping the area to create banks and flat surfaces where required.

We had a fair bit of rain half way through the week which made the going tough. The team were determined to soldier on during a day of constant rain, which turned the hillside into a muddy slope.

Holes were dug for posts to be set in. A 6ft trellis will be attached to the posts either side of steps, creating a screen half way up the garden. A shed will be behind this to the left. Along the line of the posts we created a footing for a new retaining wall to be built upon. This follows along from an existing retaining wall which will be used within the design.

We worked as a team passing buckets of concrete mix up the slope as it became too muddy for a wheelbarrow. We were conscious of health and safety and made it as safe as possible using pieces of astro-turf as a ‘carpet’ up the site.

We graded the slope with turf dug up from the shed base area as that needed to be lower for ballast to be added.

Ballast was also brought up to the shed base area in buckets and tamped down ready for concrete the following day. This garden is transforming rapidly and I’m looking forward to seeing some big changes next week. Come back then to see how we get on!