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Hillside Terraced Garden Design

Hillside Terraced Garden Design

This past week we’ve started a new garden design in Keynsham, just outside of Bristol. The steeply sloping garden is going to be transformed and modernised with a new patio, and raised bed planters next to steps going up through a lawn the towards a new shed. With the highest point being a decked area, looking down on the rest of the garden.

The pathway has been scalped with the lower area in the above photo showing where the new lawn will be. We are raising up this level, moving soil from the uppermost part of the garden down to it.

Two truck loads of green waste was removed from the garden – lots of Ivy and hedging which had become overgrown. There are still trees and hedging surrounding the garden for wildlife.

A new retaining wall is being built out of concrete breeze blocks, which will be rendered at a later stage.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this garden develop. Wednesday afternoon spent working in this garden was a dream, the perfect landscaping weather, cool and bright. Come back next time to see how this garden evolves.