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Hoggin Decorative Gravel Driveways

Hoggin Decorative Gravel Driveways

Hoggin Decorative Gravel Driveways

Hoggin is an attractive and relatively cheap way for covering a driveway. This compactable, self-binding gravel is made from a mixture of clay, gravel, sand and granite dust, which once packed down creates a buff coloured bound surface. It is perfect for driveways or pathways.

On a recent job we laid water pipe below the driveway. We used a Kubota mini digger to dig down to the water authority advised level.

We included a soak-away drain at the bottom of the driveway for excess water. Hoggin works really well on slopes!

Hoggin gravel is delivered by our local supplier Stonecraft Paving Bristol. There are a couple of options that you could choose for colour variation.

Hoggin is hard wearing, but can be topped up easily if necessary in the future, making it a low maintenance product. It doesn’t need raking and is permeable to water.

Hoggin pathways are often used in National Trust estates as the material aesthetically suits older buildings, however it is frequently being used in domestic properties due to its low cost. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete driveways or block paving.

We get the level right before compacting, and love using a dark charcoal edging, which really adds contrast to the finish. But there are many options available.

The driveway now looks super smart, and the warm gravel colour really accentuates the building and garden.

The back border in the driveway was previously a bit unkempt, but now the new curved edging brings the border forward. When theย  blues and purples of the Agapanthus bloom in the summer they will look fantastic against the warm ochre driveway.

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