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Larch Timber Framed Garden Design

Larch Timber Framed Garden Design

We’ve been working on this small urban garden in Bishopston, Bristol for a few weeks. With the only access to the garden being through the house it was a well met challenge for the team.

As the garden is very compact, Ali created a design that would work well for all the family. Play time, relaxation and vegetable growing were the key requirements. Once the old garden had been dug up and removed it was time to lay a ballast base in the garden with a larch semi circular decking in the corner. Next up we started building a double triangular platform that would work as a play base for the children.

We then started to lay limestone paving prior to building a larch shed. Whilst the shed was being built a timber screen was added above the back wall of the garden.

The green roof was built and lined with pond liner, during this time we added marine ply as the fascia of the decking.

We then started to fill in the new curved borders with soil and raised bed boxes were constructed. The children of the family are really looking forward to experimenting with growing in them.

We planted an edible Cherry tree ‘Sunburst,’ which is quite compact and can be pruned to maintain a good size for a smaller garden.

After a lot of rain and cold temperatures we were thankful for a dry sunny day yesterday. Joey and I spent a good day working together pointing the paving. We’ve got some finishing touches to do, so come back next time to see the photos of this completed garden!