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Large Garden Design in Downend

Large Garden Design in Downend

For the past couple of weeks Team Jerry have been tackling a large garden in North Bristol. It was surrounded around the perimeter by a lot of large shrub. Most were taken out but some were kept for structure, colour and interest. Along with a lot of green waste, we also removed a huge amount of old paving, and concrete breeze blocks from a border wall.

We removed part of the wall where the bench was nestled in, to make it the same width along one side of the garden. This will be hidden with a new border made of wood.

The old fence was completely removed down the right hand side of the garden, with seventeen new posts and fence panels added. These have really made a difference to the garden already. They have made it look much lighter and brighter.

We’re really looking forward to fun parts creating the pond, pathways and patio. Come back to us next week to see this garden being shaped and developed!