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Large Garden Design in Stoke Bishop

Large Garden Design in Stoke Bishop

We’ve started working on a large garden project in Stoke Bishop, north Bristol over the past week or so. After a brief spell of very low temperatures and a day of snow, the weather has become milder and wetter, but that hasn’t deterred us from cracking ahead with it!

We began by ripping out the old patio that surrounded the back of the house.

What started out as a lot of mud quickly began to transform as two timber framed decked areas were constructed.

Both timber frames will be topped with composite decking, which is durable, resists staining, scratching, rot and mould. It is splinter free, making it great for families with small children and is very low maintenance.

The bamboo already in situ surrounding the back of one of the decked areas is going to look lovely swaying in the background.

Unfortunately the above Holm Oak had to be taken out to make way for a new U-shaped drive way. Once it was taken out the front garden became much lighter. We will plant trees in this garden design at the end of the landscaping. Jess and I enjoyed working on taking it down branch by branch with saws, and then the stump was easily pulled out with a digger.

This old fence is being removed to make way for new paving coming from the front drive way. I am interested in seeing how this looks at a later stage.

We spent a good time working together as a team to bring the level down of the ground next to the patio doors. A lot of soil, concrete, an old post and drain were all removed.

From just grass at the start of the project this garden is changing rapidly. Come back next week and see how it progresses!