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Large Porcelain Patio

Large Porcelain Patio

Following on from one of our previous posts about the circular decked pergola that we built in this garden, the team have been hard at work creating the porcelain patio surrounding the conservatory.

Porcelain paving is pricey but comes with lots of benefits; it is scratch, stain and abrasion resistant as it is so dense and solid, it is slip resistant due to low moisture absorption, it is highly resistant to severe changes in weather such as frost, heat and cold. It is not affected by sun light and is very easy to clean. The perfect low maintenance paving.

Along with the paving, drainage and a retaining wall was incorporated. The wall will step up onto a new lawn. Stepping stones will hop their way across the lawn towards the pergola and shed.

The old shed was removed from the corner of the garden (above), with this concrete base being built for the new one. The new shed will be delivered shortly.

I’m looking forward to seeing this garden coming together next week, when the circular decking will be completed along with the lawn. A water feature will also be added which will be exciting. Water features provide soothing sounds and are aesthetically pleasing. Not only are they beneficial for wildlife but they also promote relaxation which can lower your blood pressure and improve your mental health. The therapeutic effects of mother nature!

Check back in with us next week to see the next stages of this garden design…