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Lawn Care for the Start of the Mowing Season

Lawn Care for the Start of the Mowing Season

The Hampton by Hilton Hotel, Bristol Airport. First cut of the season.

Sunshine is forecast for the coming week, and whilst the majority of us are at home self isolating the best thing for our bodies and minds is to get out into the garden and breathe in some fresh air. Taking the kids out to the garden with you, to make a mud pie, a fairy potion or drawing chalk pictures on the ground is always a winner, giving you more time to stay focused on the job at hand.

We have had a very wet past couple of months, but temperatures are starting to warm up, the days are getting longer and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your lawn. You never know, in a month or so we could well be lying out on them!

The wet winter does mean that moss and weeds might have become prevalent in your lawn, or dieback could have occurred to the grass. In Britain during March and early April the temperatures can suddenly drop, with snow and heavy frosts, so be cautious with your lawn care plan. It’s best just to work on aeration, hand weeding and moss killing (but do not rake the moss as this can damage the soil, which is still too wet). It’s good to leave the scarification process (raking) until the soil has warmed up later in the spring when all chance of frost is gone.

Ferrous Sulphate is often used for the treatment of moss killing, but the chemicals in it are harmful to humans and pets. Personally I would opt for a biodegradable, chemical free treatment such as Viva Green MossOff This treatment can be applied, with raking off done later in the spring. Depending on the style of your garden, you might want to leave the moss alone to do its thing. Moss controls erosion, filters water and sequesters carbon. I love Japanese moss lawns, and moss can also be used on green roofs and green walls. You could perhaps take up some of the moss to use to make a Kokedama.

Leave some areas of the lawn longer where bulbs are coming through.

After doing the first cut on a customer’s garden last week, we saw that their lawn had become over-run with weeds. It’s perfect to hand weed these out at this time, whilst the roots haven’t taken a strong hold in the soil. If your lawn area is large, work by sections, with grass seed in mind. We’ll be doing the first two cuts with the mower set on a high level, so that just the top of the grass is taken off. After that point you can get on a regular cut at a lower level.

If your lawn/soil seems firm and all chance of frost is gone you can aerate the soil with a fork, or aeration shoes – which is quicker and a bit more fun! In April/May apply an organic lawn fertiliser to boost nutrients and to help it green up – or you could opt for a combined fertiliser with moss killer such as

Enjoy the magic in your garden…