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Lawn Lover

Lawn Lover

Lawn Lover

Now that spring is pretty much here, if you’re a lawn lover it’s a good time to take care of your lawn. First off, have a general garden tidy, rake up any leaves or plant debris that has built up during the winter.

Once temperatures have started to warm up and a couple of dry days are predicted, do your first trim. Keep the blades on their highest setting on the mower. Cutting it too short can leave it open to disease and weed invasion.

Scarify (scratch) your lawn with a spring-tined rake, this will reach down into the soil and will remove moss, dead grass and debris. You can also gently insert a garden fork to aerate the soil, to stop the lawn becoming compacted and water-logged. Spike the entire lawn and top dress with a free-draining compost mix.

For bare patches rake over the area, sow grass seed in mid-spring, cover with bird-proof netting and water regularly.

When we’re out mowing lawns, we love to give the edges a good crisp cut with edging shears, or you could use a half moon cutting tool.

Cut the lawn once or twice a month during the summer months, though if it’s really hot weather like the last couple of years, keep the blades of your mower set to high, as longer grass blades will cope better with drought.

Once your lawn is back in check all you have to do is wait for the weather to be warm enough to be sat outside in the garden on a summers eve with a gin and tonic in your hand!