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Making a Wildlife Pond

Making a Wildlife Pond

Last week on a very rainy day in north Bristol the boys created a fairly large pond in our customer’s back garden. The 2.5m diameter hole with shelves had been dug the day before whilst it was dry, so that the following day we’d be able to line and fill it.

We lined it with a durable liner, removing shoes to make sure that we didn’t puncture it. It was then filled with tap water. The pond was left for a few days to dechlorinate it before it was planted.

We chose water mint, a bunch of oxygenating pond plants, a beautiful water lily and some marginal plants like Iris, and striped water reeds. There were lots of lovely critters on the plants ready to acclimatise to their new habitat!

Whilst we were making the pond it was great looking around this garden that we created a few years ago. Our customer has created a beautiful haven within a large housing estate, it’s a very inspiring garden!

The garden is colourful and creative. The Buxus cross shaped low parterre style hedge was planted a couple of years ago and is really coming into it’s own now. It’s amazing to see how much you can put in an urban garden, there’s always something else to see as you go around a corner…

We love the pallet planter shelves, they look great and the herbs can be used in cooking, teas and herbal remedies. The Rudbeckia and Verbena bonariensis are floaty and give a lovely feeling as you wander past.

The painted terracotta pots are eye catching, fun and vibrant. It’s good to see inexpensive ways of brightening up a garden with easy DIY methods!

Their little lean-to glass house is so cute and I know that they propagate lots of plants throughout the year. It just goes to show what you can do if you utilise your garden’s space well.

The seating area is a peaceful place, just perfect for looking across the garden to the new pond…

Once the pond had settled down the plants were added with stones and pebbles of varying sizes placed in and around it. A pond is such a great thing to have in a garden – they invite beneficial wildlife, who in turn eat those pesky creatures that want to eat your prized vegetables and flowers, as well as providing sanctuary, shelter and a breeding ground for indigenous wildlife like dragon flies, frogs and birds.

Our customer loves their new pond, and we’ll look forward to going back in the future to see it develop.