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Modernising Your Garden

Modernising Your Garden

It’s been a good week, getting drier towards the end which has been beneficial for this garden design. The back garden had raised beds around the edge with a lawn in the centre. The owner wants it modernised and updated, and to do so on this scale requires a digger.

The low raised bed walls were knocked out, trees removed (some to be replanted later), and turf ripped up. Plants had to be dug up out of the borders, making sure to remove any bulbs from the soil.

The soil from the borders was levelled into the main garden area to create the lawn and new raised beds.  Troublesome bulbs like Crocosmia wouldn’t be great popping out of the lawn in the future!

We’ll be laying porcelain paving, replanting trees and building new raised beds shortly, so watch this space to see how this garden develops…