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More great plants

More great plants


Commonly known as Yarrow, ranges from low growing spreading varieties of app 45cm to taller varieties of app 1m. The foliage is silvery/green and aromatic and are followed by typically bright yellow cloud like flower heads from early summer to early Autmun. Achillea likes dry, well drained soil and a sunny site. Looks great with verbena bonariensis.

Hydrangea quercifolia

This is a lovelly plant that I use a lot. It is deciduous and has oak shaped, deeply lobbed leaves that are red/green intencifying in the Autumn. It has white flattish flowers from mid-summer to early Autumn. Hydrangea quercifolia grows to 6’x6′ and looks good with lavender.

Sorbus vilmorinii

This is an elegant small ornamental tree that has white blooms in spring, dark green leaflets that turn in autumn into deep orange and bronze red. This tree has pink berries that form in summer and last into autumn and winter. Sorbus vilmorinii is ideal in small town gardens with a maximum height of 10m, with a fairly narrow habit. It likes fertile well drained soil.