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Narrow Urban Garden Design

Narrow Urban Garden Design

For the past couple of weeks Team Glen have been hard at work landscaping a long, narrow garden in Southville, Bristol. The boys got to work removing green waste and levelling the top of the garden where a decked area would be built.

Glen and Will built a large timber decked platform, which will be lovely for the family to relax and look out from when the garden is completed.

Steps were then cut into the bottom of the slope, this was hard work with all the waste being brought out through the house as this was the only access to the garden.

A concrete footing was created at the base of the steps. The cost of cement and timber have both risen a lot lately due to shortages during the latest episode of the Pandemic, with Brexit also playing a role. With the majority of the population staying at home and not being able to travel so freely, trades people are in high demand, creating gardens, building house extensions and interior design.

This garden is really coming along now, come back next time to see it completed!