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New Landscaping Project

New Landscaping Project

Wow, this week has been a real scorcher – 32 degrees centigrade has been the highest temperature of the year so far, with the highest UV rays on record. Whilst that’s been happening the team have been working on a variety of different jobs across Bristol, from garden maintenance to landscaping for residential customers and property developers.

This new job is a fairly large garden and is ready for a big change. The rockery is going to go, with new paving added, a new water feature, new pergola in the far left corner, new shed and trellis work. Nad and I started the work on this garden, before the real landscaping begins. The customer was keen to keep some of the rockery plants and shrubs and plant them after the landscaping working has been completed.

Some of the larger shrubs and trees had to go. Two Mahonia’s were removed and a Eucalyptus tree was also taken out as it had become too large for the garden. Nad tackled the larger plants whilst I dug up some of the others. In particular the customer wanted to keep a Skimmia japonica. It was really big, so I cut it back before digging it out. We used a mattock as well as spades to get down under the roots.

Skimmia japonica far right of this photo

I then repositioned the Skimmia in a border down the side of the house, where we thought it would look good and would fill the space nicely.

Skimmia replanted in a border

Whilst I was there I also pruned their Photinia ‘Red Robin’ and shaped and repositioned a Euonymus, which now looks really good against the dark burgundy of the Cotinus, Smoke Bush.

Once the new paving, edging and lawn are in place we will then be able to go back and plant other items that are currently being stored in pots.

I’m particularly interested to see the new water feature which will replace the large rock feature below. I believe it’s going to be a circular design, which you will be able to see through. The eye would then follow through it and around the garden.

After our suggestions they decided that they are keen to have this pergola removed and a new one created in the corner of the garden with a fan shaped pergola. I can’t wait to see the boys create this. A pergola always gives great structure to a garden, and planting vigorous climbers next to it creates shade, colour and vibrancy.

Come back again soon and see how this garden is being transformed!