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North Bristol Garden Design

North Bristol Garden Design

This week we’ve started a new garden in North Bristol, it’s been dry for the past couple of weeks which has been rather dreamy for the landscaping team…

The garden was a real blank canvas to start with. There were some shrubs down the side of the garden, these were ripped out, but we saved the apple tree which was sentimental to the owners. This was replanted by the end fence for the time being and mulched. It will be planted in its final position towards the end of the project.

Likewise, the front garden was rather bare with the owners requiring a new driveway with easier access. The wall was knocked down as a starting point.

On a lovely sunny, March day we enjoyed scalping the turf and then dug down to create the base for a new patio. It was great to get together as a team in the sunshine.

The boys have been progressing on this job really well, so it didn’t take long for the pergola to go up! A base of stone dust was laid prior to laying the Limestone paving. Natural stone is a popular option for paving with Limestone being durable, easy to install, more eco-friendly than concrete products and comes in a range of beautiful colours due to the sediment.

Trellis will be put up along the edge of the patio to create a sense of a garden room with the space being slightly enclosed and cosy.  A new border was also cut out at the end of the patio which will be planted later in the process.

Holes were dug to create concrete footings for the Limestone stepping stones that will lead down the garden to the patio.

It’s exciting seeing this garden transform and our customer is happy seeing it pull together. Come back next week to see how it’s looking. The Spring Equinox has finally arrived today which marks a change of season but also brings positive vibes with the sunshine. New growth on plants that is springing up all around brings us hope, and gratitude to the natural world that gives us life and such happiness, strength and joy to us mere mortals on planet Earth.