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Overgrown Garden Recovered

Overgrown Garden Recovered

Over the past week Team Glen have been hard at work on a large urban garden in Fishponds, Bristol. It backs onto the Thingwall Allotments, and is in a lovely part of the city.

The garden was very overgrown, a tangle of brambles and weeds that the boys tackled full on. A whole truck load of green waste was removed and a lot of old paving and low sunken walls were ripped out. The perimeter wall which was partly destroyed was rebuilt by Sean, which now looks great with the neighbouring grapevine hanging nearby.

The garden had to be levelled with tonnes of soil being moved, to create a clean slate for our garden design. The teasel that can be seen in the below photo was kept so that the seed would dry and self seed in the upper part of the garden.Teasel is fantastic for wildlife and gives good structural interest in the garden.

Once the ground had been roughly levelled the boys got to work repointing the red brick walls. This was time consuming but will make the walls stronger and more durable, as well as being a nice Friday task. The guys were feeling very zen whilst working on this satisfying job.

Come back next week and see how we transform and change this desolate space into a beautiful new garden for it’s owner…