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Peaceful Garden Design

Peaceful Garden Design

Recently we’ve designed and landscaped a beautiful garden in the village of Frenchay, which is a suburb in North East Bristol. Home of the first village Cricket club in the country, with W.G Grace, the famous Victorian Cricketer living in the next-door village of Downend. The history of Frenchay is very interesting, with Quakers and famous Bristol merchants having lived here. You can also visit Frenchay Village Museum. Read more about this quaint, English village here.

There were steps down to a lower level already in situ, with the owners adding a lovely, pod style studio. The ground was scalped of turf and the landscaping got under way. A trench was dug where a curved, raised bed is to be added.

Where the Acer is to the left of the steps, will be a rockery with prostrate Juniper and Rosemary, with dwarf bulbs planted in the autumn, and a variety of low growing drought tolerant/low growing rockery plants. Large rocks will be added to this area at the end of the landscaping, prior to planting. The inspiration for the planting will be naturalistic to compliment the tranquil feeling of the garden with the Acer, pond and Buddha statues, which all have strong influence within Japanese gardens.

Paved steps will follow down from the top of this archway, down to the studio and patio below. The paving in both areas will be a grey porcelain from Mandarin Stone.

The breeze blocks for the interior of the steps begin to be laid, whilst the raised bed is being finished. The border within the raised bed is quite wide, which gives good depth for the planting scheme.

An apple tree is going to be planted in the raised bed to give a focal point, beautiful blossom and food for wildlife and the family that live here. The planting will have a peaceful, tranquil feeling

The paving starts to be laid within the patio area. This will be cut to a curve, following the line of the raised bed. Opposite, in front of the studio will be patterned tiles. Wooden raised beds for growing vegetables have been built around the side and behind the studio. Love the way they fit the space perfectly.

Come back next time to see this garden completed, it’s going to look great once the planting combines with the hard landscaping!