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Perfect Pergolas

Perfect Pergolas

Perfect Pergolas

Creating a pergola for your garden is a great way of adding a stylish yet functional structure, that is relatively quick to build and is immediately eye catching.

As a garden feature they can form a shaded walkway, act as a frame around plants, or can be combined with or without decking for a seating area. Growing woody vines up lattice work creates a beautiful backdrop and is a good way to utilise vertical space in your garden. Vertical posts support cross beams to strengthen the framework, and with a bevelled edge in the front of the cross beams give that perfect finishing touch!

Pressure treated soft woods, such as Pine or Cedar are inexpensive and sustainable as they are fast growing trees. However, Oak, Cypress and Teak could all be used for a pergola structure, but would be more expensive, and some are not as sustainable.

Hanging baskets could be hung from your pergola, to give extra colour, texture and more space to drape plants. Depending on the size and shape of your garden, the pergola design could be in a corner with fanned cross beams, running lengthways down the garden like the one pictured; really the possibilities are endless.

What about including an integrated seating area, or you could even have a semi permanent cover across the top if you preferred it enclosed?

This pergola has a wonderful backdrop of striking trees


Mahonia japonica and New Zealand Flax

Mahonia japonica and New Zealand Flax (Phormium tenax) both look impressive within the contemporary pergola structure, which also provides a screen against neighbouring properties, as well as shelter from cold winter winds.

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