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Physical Feather Edge!

Physical Feather Edge!

Usually a feather edge fence is a straight forward job, however this one took a serious amount of extra strength, as the only access to the garden was up lots of steps. Located on a steep hill in Long Ashton, just outside of Bristol, we were given a bit of a trek from the road, up the steps, around the house and on up to the top of the garden.

We were lucky with dry, fine, warm weather for the beginning of October. However, the warmth wasn’t necessarily a good thing whilst carrying heavy buckets. Wheelbarrows could not be used due to the amount of steps. It was super hard graft, but very satisfying as we progressed through the task. To see a video of bucket cam click here!

We spent days carrying buckets of soil and stone down to the truck, and carrying up breeze blocks on our return journey up the hill. It was physically demanding, hot work. The team pushed through it with jokes and laughs.

The original fence was on its last legs, with our customer being worried that it would blow away and cause damage during the coming winter. The retaining wall was old cracked and falling apart. This was ripped out and replaced with coping stones on the top. We also had tree roots and brambles to contend with that were growing behind the boundary.

Something that kept our spirits up was the heavenly scent of the Sweet Autumn Clematis that was flowering in the garden during our time there. Definitely a great climber for late season scent and flowers.

The feather edging was added to railings and render was added to the wall. Our customer is going to paint the render, and we’ll be back next year at some point to construct a new paved area in front of the fence and a timber pergola. Watch this space to see this garden change and transform…