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Planting Plan Garden Design

Planting Plan Garden Design

Although the end of the week resulted in a rainy morning turfing this garden as a team, the rest of the week was dry and very sunny. We’ve really enjoyed working in this garden as it has changed considerably from what we started out with.

The lawn was patchy and worn and the borders had been ruined from a new garage that had been built. First off we went through the borders, weeding and pulling out anything that we could use in the final stages. The borders were dug over, as they had in part become very compacted due to the builders.

Due to the poor quality of the compacted soil we brought in 1.5 tonnes of top soil to incorporate into the border. This made a big difference and was raked into the new border. We used our tipper truck to dump it where we wanted it in the garden, which made it a lot easier. We get our topsoil from Bristol supplier Bowland Stone

Whilst we were working on the borders we were also scalping the old turf, and Stump Busters were called in to mash up an Ash Tree stump to dust. Unfortunately it had Ash Die Back and had to be removed.

Once the stump and roots were gone it made scalping the lawn a lot easier, the sunshine made it a nicer job too.

Once the top soil had been raked into place we began installing EverEdge steel edging. It’s such a great product and gives a real professional, crisp look to a garden.

We saved a Philadelphus – Mock Orange and planted it at the back of the border, this will look beautiful when it grows up. Prior to starting this garden we drew up a planting plan for our customer, incorporating the Philadelphus and some roses that she had in her back garden. Along with these we are planting David Austin climbing roses Mortimer Sackler and Snow Goose, with shrub roses Roald Dahl, Vanessa Bell and Darcey Bussell. They will compliment the lavender which will be planted near to them, along with grasses, ferns, pittosporums for structure, a ceanothus, witch hazel, viburnum davidii and Daphne odora.

Once the edging was in we then added five trellis panels 1.2 x 1.8m. The climbing roses and a Star Jasmine will grow up them.

Although it rained and was a bit miserable to end the week, team spirits were high whilst turfing the lawn – working together always has a good momentum! We planted some of the plants but will be back next week to add in other things that we didn’t yet get hold of. Come back next week and see what we are up to…