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Pleached Laurel Design Completion

Pleached Laurel Design Completion

The amount of rain we’ve had the past few weeks has created situations, such as a sea of mud, that we’ve had to overcome, but as landscapers this is something that we are used to! We started the week looking out on a lot of red clay based soil, but by the end of the week the sun was shining on a sea of green…

Whilst we were preparing the ground in the back garden for turfing we also prepared the ground in the front garden and planted a perimeter hedge of Buxus. Initially we laid them out, and then dug a trench to ensure that they would be in line.

Once this area had been turfed it was so good to see this looking smart and tidy. It will be low maintenance for the customer, and also gives a good sense of structure to the front of the house, which has a modern aspect.

As this garden was fairly large we got the whole team involved laying the turf, which we managed to finish before the next bout of rain came.

I love seeing the final result of a garden design once the space has been washed down at the end of the project. We tied in pieces of bamboo cane to connect the pleached Laurel trees, which will give them extra stability and will also ensure that they grow together as a beautiful screen.


Today it felt like spring is finally here. This has been an enjoyable project to work on, but now we move on to the next garden design…