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Pleached Laurel Garden Design

Pleached Laurel Garden Design

Our customer, whose family have recently moved into this house wanted a transformation for their garden; something that would look smart, be low maintenance and would provide some privacy.

The garden had a rather unkempt lawn with a few unruly shrubs and climbers down the side, and a raised herb bed which took up a lot of space in the far right corner.

We got to work ripping out the herb bed and scalping the lawn. The compost from this raised bed was used as a top dressing / mulch for the pleached laurel once they were planted.

We altered the back of the garden and with a continual sleeper border to match the width as the one already in place down the side of the garden. Thirteen pleached laurel trees were then planted around the perimeter of the garden. They will create a beautiful screen once they grow and mature.

Whilst the planting was taking place we created a low retaining wall out of breeze blocks against a small top paved area that the customer wanted to keep. This will be finished off once the turfing has been done.

The pleached trees will have bamboo canes tied between them to keep them straight whilst they grow together.

Towards the end of the week we brought in ninety Buxus from our trade supplier Springwood Nursery. These will be planted in the front garden as a mini low perimeter hedge around a lawn which will be created next week.

The other side of their front drive had mature Beech trees, with not much going on underneath. After a thorough weeding, we planted Photinia, a couple of Pittosporum and Euonymus varieties, and Griselinia. We shall also be planting Olearia, Osmanthus and Luma articulata next week further along this wall at the back of a recycling bin store.

They no longer required the compost bin, so we took it apart and used the leaf mould/compost as a nice thick mulch for this new border.

It’s been a really productive week with sunshine and a fair bit of rain, but that didn’t stop us! We’re looking forward to finishing this garden design next week, when we’ll be turfing the front and back garden as well as planting the Box hedge. Come back and check our blog out then to see how it develops…