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Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

This past week we’ve revisited a garden that we designed and created 6 years ago for an elderly customer. She is a keen gardener and keeps a beautiful garden haven, tucked away off the busy Gloucester Road in Bristol. She wanted us to do some maintenance on the pond, as algae, blanket weed and water forget-me-nots were starting to take over.

Mexican feather grass (Stipa tenuissima) had self seeded alongside the pond, blocking our customer’s view from the house. She was keen to be able to see the rain falling on the pond from her window during the winter months. So, we set to weeding, removing the build up of algae and other plant matter. We moved some Black Mondo grass (Ophiopogon) from underneath the dwarf Pinus and planted it where the grasses had been.

Black Mondo Grass on far right.

Whilst we were working on the pond area we made sure to leave all the organic matter on the side so that any little creatures could find their way back into the water. It was slimy work, but fun and very satisfying.

We were lucky that we did this as we saw a newt crawling about, so we rescued him…

As well as taking care of the pond we also took a Camelia out of a pot and planted it in the garden, this was also a fun job  and will make it easier for our customer to look after it going forward.

It was such a lovely garden to work in on a warm, grey autumnal day. All of the colours and scents were very uplifting and we were very much inspired by our customer’s passion for her garden.

The Camelia planted in a border.

We just loved the old school wall that is the boundary of her garden – such a beautiful backdrop to the planting scheme! Come back soon and see what we’re up to next time on the blog…