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Porcelain Patio Garden Design

Porcelain Patio Garden Design

We’ve been working on different stages of this Stoke Bishop garden for a while now. It began last year when we did some initial garden maintenance to prune back shrubs and generally tidy up the borders. We then moved on to creating this spacious porcelain patio which leads up to their beautiful edge of woodland garden and garage on the side.

Later on this year we’ll be working on another patio, raised up on the left hand side of the garden. We like to work with customer’s so that they can manage the cost of their garden budget across a space of time if necessary.

The ground is prepared and steps are cut into the soil prior to laying the porcelain slabs. This porcelain has a lovely grey marbling, and isn’t too glaringly white.

Whilst the render dries out we planted up the raised borders with small varieties of Pittosporum, evergreen grasses, herbs, Nandina and Miscanthus. This patio is partly shady, partly sunny so a mixture of plants for these aspects was required.

Once the render has been painted white we are really looking forward to seeing the glowing strip lights working! Come back next time to see how it’s going…