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Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving

We enjoy using porcelain tiles for paving in our garden designs. www.bradstone.com supply beautiful porcelain, which has a designer feel due to it’s unique manufacture. From ultra-modern with a delicate sparkle, to rustic wood-effect, there are plenty of styles and colours to choose from. Porcelain tiles are practical – they are impermeable to moisture, extremely durable, with excellent stain and water resistant properties.

The boys laying the paving.

Porcelain paving is formed by baking a mixture of clay, sand and other minerals in a high-temperature kiln producing an incredibly durable and non-porous material. Being resistant to water absorption ensures that porcelain paving requires very little maintenance.

There’s no need to apply a sealant as the pavers are already stain and mildew resistant. Liquids such as oils and chemicals cannot penetrate the surface so can simply be wiped away and any fungus growth is mitigated.

An exceptionally dense material, porcelain paving is extraordinarily hard-wearing; something not always synonymous with porcelain. Scratch resistant too, it’s perfect for those high footfall paths and for pairing with garden tables and chairs to shape stunning outdoor spaces.

We enjoy using Easy Grout to point the paving. There are three different shades to go with a variety of paving. Easy Grout is a slurry mix which finds it’s level easily and then the slabs are wiped clean to give a beautiful finish.

Waiting for the last bit of paving to ‘go off’ prior to finishing with Easy Grout.

The finished garden with porcelain paving and super low maintenance astro turf is a winning combination for our customer!